Counselling Therapy Mediation

Sharon Murphy is a counsellor and psychotherapist. Sharon is also a trained Circle of Security Parenting Educator and a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.

Courses and Workshops 2012

Parent Education Talk:

- Parental Conflict Through the Eyes of Children Thursday March 15th 7.30 - 9:30 pm

- Preteen & Early Adolescence Parenting Thursday May 8th 7.30 - 9:30 pm

Circle of Security™ Parenting Course:
Commencing 5 June 2012
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Welcome to the Counselling, Therapy and Mediation site specialising in assisting you with:


"How do I help my child who is struggling emotionally, socially and with learning?"

Counselling Therapy Mediation

Child therapy is carried out through the metaphor of play, stories and drawings. Through exploring what arises in each session, the child learns to process feelings and experiences, rather than reacting with anxiety, impulsivity, or inattentiveness.
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"How can we break the cycle of frustration and hurt and improve our relationship?"

Counselling Therapy Mediation

Individual sessions help to better define and describe what one needs. Joint sessions are designed to alternate between therapy-style sessions and mediation-style sessions to address both the emotional and practical aspects of the relationship. Patterns of interaction are examined in the light of past imprints.
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"My emotional issues are impacting my life."

Counselling Therapy Mediation

Adult psychotherapy assists with anxiety, emotional disregulation, depression, relationship difficulties, parenting issues and dealing with the what is carried as a result of childhood abuse, neglect, domestic violence and addiction. Adult psychotherapy improves how emotions are processed; how to exist within relationships; and how the personality structure functions.


"How do I weather my teenager's behaviour when I'm so worried or so angry?"

Counselling Therapy Mediation

Therapy helps the adolescent learn to process more of his/her own emotions, thoughts and struggles, rather than "acting out" or turning pain inwards. Parents are supported not to negate the adolescent's reality, not to over-react and not to disengage.
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"How do I minimise the emotional fallout from separation?"

Counselling Therapy Mediation

Both the person leaving and the person being left may feel intense emotions: anger, guilt, sadness, despair. Our history of loss is triggered. One's emotions are typically out of sync with the other's. Yet practicalities need to be dealt with, and where there are children, their needs must be thought about and responded to. Separation counselling can assist at this time.
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